JUNE 2011


Paper on FMD in Uganda
Chris also provided a paper on FMD in Uganda in 2011 but until we can make this paper PRIVATE to be viewed only by the Members, I think we should not put this on public viewing.
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We thank Chris for these valuable contributions.

Chris's comments:
Availability of the epthelial tissues. We have had bad luck on this front. Quite often, we sample outbreak animals when the epithelial tissues are no longer available or easily harvestable. I think here there is a possibility that the clinical picture of FMD symptoms varies with FMDV serotypes, livestock breeds and the state of the animal -field or experimental? I have also had a bad experience by having the few available epithelial samples being used up in a bid to ran antigen ELISAs - the results ending up inconclussive. In case of other sampling opportunities we hope to do a lot of work on sampling and sample transportation/storage/processing.

2. Solid Phase Blocking ELISAs for the 7 serotypes - is being improved under the Transboundary Animal Diseases in East Africa (TADEA) which is funded by DANIDA with collaborations at Makerere University,Uganda, National Animal Disease Diagnostics and Epidemiology Centre, Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries, Entebbe, Ministry of Livestock Development in Kenya, Institure of Biology-University of Copenhagen and the National Veterinary Instititute, Technical University of Denmark, Lindholm. The project has funded 3 PhDs and 1 Msc student(s). It is anticipated that more specific SPBEs will be developed for successful application in East Africa (or Africa and beyond)

3. The strategy which we have been using to serotype antibodies against FMDV is to titrate sera in various dilutions so as to rule out those that disappear at lower dilutions. In most cases O and SATs prevail. In short, serotyping is not so easy where multiple serotypes occur. It is suspected that certain serotypes have been occuring even subclinically. Cattle in Uganda have on some occassions tested for antibodies against serotype SAT 3. However, no such virus has been isolated from the many outbreaks that were succesfully typed. I have included a paper on buffalo FMDV survey in Uganda

4. Workplans -most of the results generated and the lessons learnt will certainly contribute to better preparedness and development of control strategy in line with PCP. I am very optimistic to finalize plans for collaborations on buffalo sampling. Under the TADEA project, buffalo sampling will concentrate on Queen Elizabeth National Park -as per student projects. The first sampling trip will be during the last week of June, 2011